How Place2Park Can Unlock EV Ownership For Thousands of Drivers

How Place2Park Can Unlock EV Ownership For Thousands of Drivers

The UK is currently facing an EV Charging Crisis. Today, over 50% of UK drivers, can’t charge an EV at home. They may live in a flat, or a house without a driveway, or in short term rental accommodation.

And to make matters worse, the public on-street charging options aren't very reliable, with broken chargers and incorrect information, meaning that owning an electric car is just not possible for some, especially for those outside of a major city.

So what's the solution?

Place2Park & Charge


It's simple, those with a home electric vehicle charger can rent it out to those without one, with their parking space through our platform, to help us unlock the potential for thousands of drivers to switch to an electric vehicle, by providing reliable, bookable and convenient charging & parking through our platform, for those unable to charge at home.

This will allow those drivers to find and book a space and charger without having to drive around in circles, risking an empty battery and all the stresses that come with finding a parking space.

And on the flip side most home chargers are typically left unused for 80% of the day, so it's a great way for EV charger owners to make some extra money renting our their space & charger whilst helping their local community too, it's a win - win for everyone!

So what stops people making the switch to an Electric Vehicle?

Research indicates that the main concerns people have for switching to an Electric Vehicle are Cost, Choice & Charging.

Now in terms of ‘cost’, owning an EV, especially via a company car scheme, can be very affordable. And although retail and used-car prices are still pretty pricey, overall costs are falling for EVs.

There has also been an influx of new EVs  from major car manufacturers, who are launching new vehicles every month, so the choice is growing and growing.

Things aren't however the same situation with charging, there is in fact a bit of a ‘Charging Crisis’ here in the UK. Sure, charging from home is super easy, however for those people who can’t do so, the public charging network is nowhere near fit for purpose:

  • 60% of UK Councils have ZERO plans to install any new charging points.

  • Officially, one in ten rapid-chargers don’t work around the country.

  • There is not one single public charger in hundreds of towns and villages across the UK

But the Place2Park network unlocks the ability for thousands more drivers across the country to switch to an electric vehicle today, rather than in 2027 when the public charging network may have improved.

How can someone add their charger to Place2Park?

It only takes a few minutes to create your listing via the link below. it's complety free to do, you set the price and set your own availability for your space and charging point, we then list your space on our platform for drivers searching for parking, and now charging.

Rent out your electric vehicle charger| Place2Park
Earn money whilst helping other EV drivers find a place to park. Rent out your EV charger with Place2Park to make money each month.

Adding your charger will make a massive difference to the 50% of drivers who need a place to charge, will put some extra cash in your pocket, and will help make your local community cleaner and greener.