Top 5 Electric City Cars

Top 5 Electric City Cars

Electric cars are perfectly suited to city driving, with instant responses from the electric motor and zero tailpipe-emissions, they make tacking inner cities an easy days work, or an easy drive in this case.

Here we round up - in no particular order - the 5 best small Electric vehicles (EVs) for those looking for a car to get in, out, or around built up cities.

Here we go:

Fiat 500

If it’s retro charm you’re after, not many new cars come close to the chic Fiat 500. With looks harking back to the Fifties classic of the same name, this reimagining of the 500 (Cinquecento in Italy) turns heads like few other cars in its price bracket.

Range is more than 100 miles for the smaller battery, or close to 200 for the larger battery, drivers can pick which suits their needs best. But the car is affordable, stylish and easy to drive, and more importantly made for nipping around cities.

Vauxhall Mokka-e

The Vauxhall Mokka Electric reminds us that, as electric cars become more popular, we'll one day drop the word 'electric' from conversations about them. It's a stylish car to look at, and surprisingly practical when you start loading it up

A range of close to 200 miles should be possible around cities, and the driving experience is good for a tall supermini. It’s a well-balanced take on an urban car.  

Renault Zoe

The Renault Zoe is a small electric car with punchy performance and an impressive range. It can do 200 miles on a full charge in warm weather, costs less to buy than many rivals and comes with plenty of standard equipment.

It's well suited to the rigours of city driving. Great forward visibility, immediate responsiveness and a sharp turning circle which givesdrivers confidence to take advantage of even the smallest gaps in the traffic.

Mini Electric

The Mini Electric is an upmarket and fashionable hatchback that combines attractive retro styling with a great driving experience. It’s not hugely practical, but it's agile, nippy, and has more than enough range for a daily drive.

A range of almost 150 miles means there will need to be a few stops to charge,while the brake energy recuperation technology borrowed from the BMW i3 makes sure that one-pedal driving is possible in all but the most heavy braking areas. It’s efficient, fun and easy to drive car.

Peugeot e-208

The Peugeot e-208 is a brilliant small electric car: compact enough to drive around town fearlessly, simple enough not to require a postgraduate degree in science to operate and comes with a reasonable electric range. Driving range is around 200 miles on a charge, and potentially more in city traffic.

Unlike more low cost feeling EVs, the car’s materially rich interior distinguishes it just as clearly as the stylish bodywork. Practicality is on a par with the Renault Zoe and better than in a Mini Electric. Refinement beats both of those key rivals too, and performance is fairly strong. Certainly, you get an adequate dose of that electric-motor-enabled ‘zip’.

Going electric for the first time?

If you’re looking at buying a small electric car to zoom around the city, the chances are it could be your first EV, so you’ll be diving head-first into a world of unknowns. What is a kWh? What is rapid charging? Don't worry we've put together a guide for all the basic terms & phrases of an electric car to help.